Royal Blunts Herbal XXL Wraps


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This Royal Blunts Hemparillos are made from leaves of industrial hemp plants and it is 100% tobacco free. 
This blunts give you the feeling of a tradional tobacco smoking which is made of hemp! The Hemparillo wraps can be also smoked with or without a tip and it burns up slower than flows. 
The wraps are like traditional blunts and it does not have an adhesive edge. The Hemparillo’s what we are selling, are all without tobacco and there is no excises stamp or warning! 
The Hemparillos from Royal Blunts are:
Hemp Blunt Wrap Aroma: Naked (Natural) 
Length: 110 mm 
Width: 40 mm 
Quantity: 4 blunt wraps per package 


Naked, OGK